Here you can find the Kasa-Lord music

Information about the Kasa-Lord music, music neuroscience and the golden ratio can be found under the tab "ABOUT".

How do you want to listen to the music? Streaming, downloads, videos,

playlists or CDs?

All Kasa-Lord music found on most streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and others.

From our website ("PLAYLISTS"), you can play Kasa-Lord music directly from Spotify (If you have a Spotify account).

All music is also available on YouTube. Both as full albums, listening examples and as longer playlists (playlists with several albums). On the website you can find them from the tab "MUSIC".  Click on one of the album covers to open a new page for each cover, in which the player is available. Click on the arrow in the middle. (No account is needed. You can start listening right away).

All music is also available on download services like iTunes,,, etc.

As for the physical CD remaining copies are sold by CD Baby in the US, Amazon in Europe and the US, Buena Vida in Sweden, etc.

Where the golden section and the contemporary neuroscience meet, there arises the Kasa-Lord-music.