Jolly Melancholy


Feeling blue inspires creativity and is an essential part of being a human being. To embrace melancholy is ultimately to embrace joy.

"   The song in your head becomes the song in your body.   "

Golden Harmony 5


You will hear peaceful moving melodies that spread like a beautiful scent in a flowering garden.


Nature Sounds with Music 1


The music will fill your body with sound dance in slowly floating movements, like clouds lingering pulled apart by the wind.

Golden Harmony 4


In "Golden Harmony 4" the music will entice you into a splendid and subdued salon. You sit comfortably in the soft couch and enjoy the space and the warm colored wall of glass depicting nature outside. The calm is spreading more and more in your body.

Golden Harmony 3


Listen to the music that is full of quiet weightless tones. The sound wind hits your skin and peace of mind takes over more and more.

Beautiful and elegant music for salons, treatment rooms and spas. And your headphones.

Sleepy Song


You will hear specially made music to fall asleep to.

“Feels like floating in foetal fluid”, said a friend of mine about this album.

Golden Harmony 2


Sit down on a soft cloud of music and meet the calm and the stillness.

Slow Boat


On "Slow Boat" you will hear elegantly relaxing instrumental music. Come along on the water meandering journey across smooth round stones.

You need music that recognize the quiet within you.

     Recovery is an increasingly important part of our modern life.




Open the door to the beautiful room of nature. Here is the sophisticated music mixed with the deep forests and clean water of Tiveden, a lovely morning in June. The music has been composed on the inspiration of the birds and you could say that the music literally inspired by nature itself, as it appears in the golden section.




The music will take you on the lunar trip through solar space splendor. The moon has inspired these eleven beautifully and carefully arranged guitar melodies.


Golden Harmony


Experience how the music will take you into a lovely tasteful room. You lie down and look up at the sky through the large glass ceiling. Light clouds moving slowly as the calm that spreads.

Where the golden section and the contemporary neuroscience meet, there arises the Kasa-Lord-music.