Manstrale (Moonbeams) - Kasa-Lord

The music will take you on the lunar trip through solar space splendor.

The moon has inspired these eleven beautifully and carefully arranged guitar melodies.

Listen to the album here


1 Fibonaccis drommar

2 Fem historier

3 Flickan och manstralen

4 Manskliga varden

5 Sjohasten som vaggades av havsvagen

6 Den mystiska

7 Vandring i pyramiderna

8 Den gatfulla snackan

9 Minnenas magi

10 En langvaga signal

11 Ormbunken som foljde vinden

Will work just as good at home to wind down after a stressful day,

as a complement during different types of treatments such as massage.

The song in your head becomes the song in your body.